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Original music that takes time to chew.




mp3ssongs by A. Raitiere on AMAZON. free samples.



The Corbitt Brothers are BIG TIME - (

New kids records out from Raitiere.

New records from both on the way.


Dang near a year ago this website was updated.

since then lots has happened>>>>>

THE CORBITT BROTHERS are all over the place. 40 Different Me's - Songs by Aaron Raitiere and Rodney Golden is now available. Buffalo - by JED WATTZ is now available. Sadie's had puppies.


Hear Aaron Raitiere and KY's TURTLEMAN live on Danville, KY WHIR 1230 AM tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Thats 7 AM in Nashville.

Stream it here:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click WHIR 1230.

Search TURTLEMAN on YOU TUBE and you will see why this is a big deal.



Proud to announce the launch of

check it out.


Februauraruy is here. If you haven't seen this yet, please do:

- THE CORBITT BROTHERS unload on Jacksonville, FL @ FREEBIRD LIVE -

Congrats to Julie Stein and A. Raitiere. Their songs 'Wild in Wyoming', 'All Hat and No Cattle', and 'Crazy Bout You Moon' won a seat in Barbara Cloyd's Play For Publishers Workshop at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashvillle, TN at the end of the month. The workshop is another lottery ticket, another egg, another basket. Cross your fingers and toes. way to go, way to go. Check it and other song workshops by Barbara out here:

also, Congrats to Steve Goodie and A. Raitiere. Steve's recording of their song 'What's In My Hotdog?' was recently aired on the Jan. 29, 2011 episode of Dr. Demento's world famous comedy radio show.

Setlist here:

gracias amigos.


2011. We are here. The tooth is in good shape. Hangin' in and still chewin'.

New albums from everyone and all that. We're also on the You Tube and the other internets.

- THE CORBITT BROTHERS unload on Jacksonville, FL @ FREEBIRD LIVE -


Gettin our stuff together for the year 2011.


One Tooth is happy to announce the addition of writer and artist Jed Watts. His new album will be available within the next month or so. Stay tuned.


One Tooth Records is pleased and privileged to announce the release of the first record from THE CORBITT BROTHERS. Dont miss the CD RELEASE SHOW - Sat. Sept 18, 6pm @ The Handlebar, Murfreesboro, TN. An outdoor show featuring beer, good music, and longhairs.

ROCKS OUT, the debut grunge metal album from Aaron Raitiere will soon be available online. More info regarding that and The Corbitts record will be posted soon.


Thanks to Mrs. Jade's class and the entire group of students at Alta Elementary, Alta, WY for an excellent songwriting session.

If you have an elementary class in mind that would like to learn more about songwriting, please contact


NEW RELEASE! For those who enjoyed the recent release of boogers and half-songs, here's another one with even more smidgets and blarbs.

EVEN MORE SMIDGETS, BOOGERS, and HALF-SONGS from Aaron Raitiere is now available in the One Tooth STORE.

One Tooth is still booking house concerts throughout upstate NY for the month of August and throughout the southeast through 2011. Make your private party a unique occasion. Host a One Tooth artist. Live music always wins.


Happy 9th of July to everyone shootin' off half-price fireworks.


Watch The Corbitt Brothers at Willie's Wet Spot in Smyrna, TN ...makin One Tooth proud.


A Collection of Smidgets, Boogers, and Half-Songs released online today. This is a new breed of song. Short tunes for the ADD listener that stick to the brain like a booger, or a wet noodle on a wall, or doodie on a shoe. If you cant make it through a 3-minute song and get bored easily, this may be something new for you. 25 songs worth of lovable garbage.

Find it in el STORE.



Hear new song ALL HAT AND NO CATTLE in the FREE MUSEEK section.

Also preview and download the new album from Aaron Raitiere, COUNTRY SONGS, in the STORE or at


Listen to new song STRANGE ANGEL in the free musac sextion.


CORBITT BROTHERS new album almost done. Catch them on the road to Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Hellraisin.

Tour Dates:


Check out new pics from The Corbitt Brothers Band. The band will soon release a CD on One Tooth.

Read more....check the artists page.


Back at it again.

The Corbitt Brothers will be joining the One Tooth artist roster with a new release in the new future. Check them out at

And keep an eye out on this page for updates...


NEW MUSIC from Aaron Raitiere available under FREE MUSIC.


KISSIN' MACHINE reviewed by Boro Pulse.

Lots of new shows added to the calendar. If you'd like to offer up a couch and favorite venue to THE 2010 RANDOM COUCH TOUR, please send any information to


ONE TOOTH RECORDS and RYAN's SMOKIN' ROTISSERIE present BLUEGRASS, BBQ, and COOLERS, Saturday, April 25. Starts at 1pm. Bring a cooler of cold drinks and come enjoy the music. Ryan's place is an old service station converted into a phenomenal BBQ joint. BYOB.



Hear Aaron Raitiere's live performance on 88.3 FM WMTS, Murfreesboro, TN. A recording of the March 30, 2009 broadcast is now available at


Chris Merkley's new album THIRTY MILES FROM NASHVILLE is now available through .

One Tooth is very proud of this rocker. Read a review here...


Raitiere releases immediate followup album. Download the single 27 minute track entitled 'C-SIDES: 33 likeable songs that will never make it' under FREE MUSIC for a limited time only at Tell your friends.


KISSIN' MACHINE, the new solo album from Aaron Raitiere, is now available through the online store, at shows, and at:


A FREE download of Mike Anderson's CD Release show in Murfreesboro, featuring The Last Straw and The Skunk Bros. singing 'til The Sun Sends Us to Sleep (Let's Roll Another)', a new track from Kissin' Machine.



For a copy of THE TRASHY THOUGHTS AND POETRY OF HERF LONKELSHTEIN - a book of dirty poems by Aaron Raitiere - please mail a check for $12 ($10 + $2) shipping to:



278 Friendship Loop

Parksville, KY 40464

For a FREE Kissin' Machine Sticker mail a self addressed stamped envelope to the same address. Instantly turn any bike, truck, skateboard, kayak, TV or refrigerator into a KISSIN' MACHINE.

A picture of the book and sticker have been posted.

Hear two tracks from Chris Merkley's mind-blowing new album at

A March tour of the southeast is in the works. If you know just the place for a MERKLEY/RAITIERE show, let us know and maybe we can sleep on your couch, or in your bed.



Thanks to Jennifer Brummet and The Advocate Messenger in Danville, KY for their recent promotion of the guitar book.

Find it under 'Press'' or

check it out here:


Keep up with the guitar book on MYSPACE. Hear interviews, see pictures, make friends.


Thanks to USA TODAY for helping to promote the book.

Thanks also to The Bluegrass Blog Ireland for their support.


Thanks to Aaron Gumpenberger for the giant durable 8 ft tall One Tooth Head.

Thanks to 'The Bluegrass Blog' for helping to promote The Book.




Thanks to the Murfreesboro Pulse and to Jodie Campbell for the excellent article on the guitar book. Check the article out here...

Also congratulations to Craig Davis. Over half of his new One Tooth release has been completed and the rest should be done soon.

Look for Chris Merkley's new album at the square dance in Manhattan on Dec. 27.


NYC Y2K Two Step

New albums from Chris Merkley, Richard Starkey, and Aaron Raitiere all on the way. Stay tuned.


Thanks to everyone for your guitar stories. A page will soon be setup with pictures and audio from these very special interviews. Also look for an article in the Murfreesboro Pulse about the book.




MTSU graduate recording student Aaron Raitiere is conducting a series of interviews on guitar stories throughout December. The stories will be compiled into a book and the project complete by May 2009. With a variety of interesting characters already on board, this project is proving to be very special. If you or anyone you know has a story behind their guitar and would be interested in becoming a part of the book, please contact Aaron immediately. The interviews take about half an hour. They are recorded and will later be edited for the book. Everyone from Willie Nelson to Willie Next-door is a candidate for an interview. Please get involved or forward this information to anyone who might be interested.



There's a lot going on around here. Richard Starkey's new album is nearly finished. Starkey has been down in Wartrace, TN picking guitars with Jack Lawrence, Doc Watson's side man.

Chris Merkley has a new album on the way. He is also making a lot of progress on his homemade bus. Check it out at

Aaron Raitiere has a new solo album in the works. His last album Lazy Dog was released in 2004.

BILLYBLUES has sold out Natasha's in Lexington more than twice now, has a handful of new songs available on their website, and they've self-released a new music video.

Keep an eye on us. Within the next few weeks we should have some updates.

Also, the first batch of One Tooth t-shirts have almost sold out. They are white with the One Tooth logo shown on the website. Get yours now for $10 at any One Tooth show or by emailing

Thanks to Matt Adkins and Fox Pendygraft for work on posters for the April 10 showcase. See more of Matt's work at


Just confirmed:

One Tooth Records Showcase featuring Richard Starkey, Chris Merkley, BILLYBLUES, and Aaron Raitiere w/ Smoked Mullet.

When: APRIL 10, 9pm

Where: 3rd and Lindsley, Nashville, TN

-a historic Nashville venue which has hosted many of the greats.

$8 TICKETS can be purchased at or by calling 1-866-468-3401

HOTEL: A reduced hotel rate of $82/night is also available for the night at the Hotel Preston in Nashville. Use the code HRN75 when making your reservation.

Reservations can be made online or by calling 1-877-361-5500.


One Tooth Records is now on MYSPACE.COM.

For free music and friends check out:


"Richard Starkey is an American guitar legend." - The AR Times

See him tonight in Lexington, KY for a live recording of songs from his new upcoming album. He will appear at the The Lexington Arts Center at 7pm tonight. The recording will last about an hour.

Hear more from Richard at

Check out the picture of Richard jamming with Bill Monroe in the photo album.


Read about One Tooth artists Mark Lucas and Richard Starkey.

Lucas, a member of BillyBlues and prolific songwriter and fiddler, is featured in the current issue of American Songwriter Magazine. Read the full interview at

Check out new music and music videos from BillyBlues at

Starkey, a flatpicking virtuoso and Martin Guitar technician, will release his new solo album on One Tooth sometime in the spring is featured in the Nashville Tennessean. Read the full article at

Hear a sample from Starkey's upcoming album at

You can see Starkey in person during a live recording of the Red Barn Radio show in Lexington, KY, January 30, 7 pm, at the Lexington Arts Place.

BillyBlues will also be featured live on Red Barn Radio, Feb. 20, same time, same place.

For more information on The Red Barn Radio show check out

BillyBlues was recently featured on The Kentucky HomeFront Radio show recorded live in Lexington. Congratulations to the band.


One Tooth is accepting demos. If you think your music or the music of someone you know may fit our label well, please send a demo.

One Tooth will be announcing new additions at the beginning of next year. Keep an ear on us.


SMOKED MULLET tonight at The University of the South. Dukes of Hazzard Party. Chi Psi Lodge. Dont miss it.


One Tooth is producing a limited amount of T-shirts featuring the One Tooth Head logo.

This logo is featured when the site opens and can also be viewed as a picture.

The shirts will cost $10 and can be preordered by mailing the size and quantity to

Get a shirt or few, help us out.


Smoked Mullet is on the road again.



Aaron Raitiere's new album review in November '06 Murfreesboro Pulse has been posted online.

Copy and paste this long address, it should work:


Laurel Baker, singer in One Tooth band Smoked Mullet, appears in an article in todays Daily News Journal, Murfreesboro, TN.

Read the article here:


SMOKED MULLET was the runner-up of the first round battle of the bands at the Bluesboro Rythym and Blues Co. in Nashville. See the video and hear the music at

Also you can listen to Smoked Mullet on the Red Barn Radio hour this week streaming on the web on Hear the band play a one hour set on Tuesday at 12pm, Friday at 7pm, or Sunday at 3pm.

Copies of the radio show can be attained for free by contacting

Also listen for Billyblues on the Red Barn Radio Hour, they're show will be broadcast within the next week or so.


Tooth McGooth



BILLYBLUES will release their new CD Blind Date at Natasha's in Lexington, Jan. 6th.


BILLYBLUES and SMOKED MULLET will be appearing on the RED BARN RADIO HOUR, recorded live in Lexington, KY.

You can attend the shows for free and watch as the bands record a radio show that will be broadcast live on stations in Lexington, KY, Drakesboro, KY, Whitley City, KY, Mt. Carmel, Ill., and even Saskatchewan, Canada.

Check out for more information.

SMOKED MULLET - Jan 10, 2007, 8pm

BILLYBLUES - Jan. 31, 2007, 8pm

Come out to the barn, support the music, and be a part of the recording.

"As Kentucky as bourbon,

basketball and horses Red Barn Radio brings the world Kentucky talent."

-Robbie Clark Wildcat Weekly

The show is broadcast on Sundays at 5pm in Lexington, KY on WCYO 100.7 'THE COYOTE'.



Congrats to BILLYBLUES! -- Blind Date, the fourth album from Lucas, Norris, and Raitiere, is now available at


SMOKED MULLET will appear at the Constitution Square Festival in Danville, KY at 7pm.

BILLYBLUES will appear at 8:15.



upcoming shows:


Aug 21 @ Eddies Attic Open Mike Shootout, Atlanta, GA, TBA

Aug 24 @ Murphy's Law, Savannah, GA 10pm



BillyBlues (

@ Weisiger Park. Danville, KY.


One Tooth Records is searching for more acts and is now accepting demos.

please contact



From NY to KY.

Dont miss Chris Merkley w/ Steve Morgan and Smoked Mullet @ The Fishtank, Lexington, KY, June 7th. 10 pm.


SMOKED MULLET in the News.

Read all about it in the Arts and Entertainment section of the

Danville, KY Advocate Messenger


Hear a track from the upcoming album, Smoked Mullet. click FREE MUSIC.



The Fishtank, Lexington, KY, MAY 26, 10pm

Grounds and Sounds, Morehead, KY

May 27, 7:30pm


One Tooth Records on MY SPACE @


Merkley is headed to Europe for the summer. Working on his German.

Miss Frances has a big show coming up at Boomtown Dinner Theatre, Jacksonville, FL. June 10th. Sit down, have good food and entertainment all at once.

The Turkey Scratch Ramblers are on their tour of the Dakotas. 10 separate shows all in different cafes throughout North and South Dakota.

Billy Blues is sittin on his back porch with a bottle and a slobbery harmonica.

One Tooth Records will celebrate its 45th anniversery this July with a giant show at Blind Boy Jones Horse Park in Ocala, FL.

The party will consist of beer and music. maybe some barB-Q.

see you soon, thanks again.


All the way from Kentucky...

Billyblues will play in Charleston, South Carolina. They have been selected to perform (May 6-7) at the North Charleston Arts Festival.


Chris Merkley's new Small Change EP available.

Smoked Mullet @


Catch Aaron Raitiere solo at The Dame in Lexington, KY 12/20. His first show in

months, and last for a few.


Merkley's new acoustic album makes great christmas gift for grandma or grandpa.

mom and dad might like it too.

you may even like it too.

buy it here -

Happy Thanksgiving.



The Turkey Scratch Ramblers will be appearing at The Gram Parsons Tribute this Friday night, OCT 27, Downtown Gainesville Stage.

Then will play a late set at Tim and Terry's.

Check out the music section for free recordings.

Chris Merkley will appear on Columbia University radio, Nov. 11 @ 8 pm.

Listen on the Web.

Columbia University Radio 89.9FM

The show is called "Tuesday's Just as Bad"

Listen for Frances Leslie's version of

"Stormy Monday" as a possible opener for

the show.

Frances Leslie has a new album in progress. Upcoming shows

listed. Thanks for listening.



NEW PICTURES from recent shows.

One Tooth is not accepting new press kits.

We have too many to review at the time.

Please dont send any more. but Soon baby, soon.



One Tooth welcomes new acoustic act

'Smoked Mullet' to its roster.

One Tooth Records Showcase at

The Atlantic Nightclub in Gainesville, FL.

See all of the One Tooth acts together.

Aaron Raitiere's new album 'Lazy Dog' now available.



New Music.

Listen to Demo tracks from the new Turkey Scratch Ramblers album AND one track from Frances Jenkins Leslie's upcoming album.



Hear it over the internet at on Sunday, July 31st at 3 pm - a live performance by Aaron on Michael Stock's Folk and Acoustic Music Show -

WLRN 91.3 FM NPR - Miami, Florida.

For a free One Tooth Records bumper sticker send a self-addressed stamped envelope and a note to:

Tooth McGooth

278 Friendship Loop

Parksville, KY 40464



Various pictures and new shows posted.

July is hot down south.

thanks for all the letters.

see you soon.




EARLY NOTICE: Aaron's June shows in ITHACA and NYC have been moved to August. Please cancel or reschedule your flight and hotel reservations. Mucho apologies.


Contact to arrange a private intimate acoustic performance with most any One Tooth artist.


One Tooth is now considering signing new energetic, acoustic roots acts -blues, country, bluegrass, folk, etc.

If you or someone you know might be perfect for One Tooth, please contact

for more details.



Chris Merkley's Live CD 'One Foot' now available for purchase.

Reviews and shots of Merkley and Raitiere's Tour de East Coast to be posted soon. Thanks for the generous response and support.

Tell your friends about the Tooth.



Doug Foss of Hallandale, FL sent these shots from the

South FLorida Bluegrass Festival.



More pictures from Chris Merkley's Tour of Europe will be posted soon.

Pictures from Aaron Raitiere's tour of South Florida to be posted soon.


Check out new One Tooth artists...

'The Turkey Scratch Ramblers'


- Luth McGooth




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